Wednesday, April 25, 2012


In 2011, a planetarium ran an ad in a NY newspaper offering to take people to another planet.    Over 18,000 people submitted applications.   These were then given to a panel of psychologists to evaluate.   These scientists concluded that most applicants wanted to go to a new world to make a new start in life.   They may have felt that they did not do a good job the first time around and that in a new world, they could start fresh with a blank slate, a do over so to speak.

This is classic discouragement and a new page or planet is not needed so much as rewriting the page you have been given.    It is so hard after an accident or injury has dealt you a crushing blow, but the last thing you should do is become comfortable with your limitations.   Looking around and not always in front of you may allow you to see that a different reality is possible.   Look up at the stars, or if blocked in one direction, try another where you may find the going easier.  Not all people are born "lucky" or optimistic, but everyone can learn from pain and loss and mistakes.  

You may not in the end reach your ultimate goal, but you will have the satisfaction of having given the battle your all.   And who knows, while looking around to get unstuck, you might find an even more appealing goal to aim for now that you have reinvented your life.