Thursday, January 5, 2012

Balance in the Saddle

Today Erik felt like his old self and I surprised myself by riding better than yesterday and before.   My new County saddle has external thigh/knee blocks and I notice that when I sit on the horse, I feel as though I am straight right to left (ie. centered on the horses spine) and facing forward (ie. hips evenly toward ears).   But if my left knee is well behind the thigh block and my right knee is smashing into it or trying to move ahead, then my perception must be wrong.   Biomechanically, the only real reason for this is that subtly, my right seat bone is closer to Erik's ear then the left.   This may explain why my ease of turning is not symmetric, nor my ease within canter.   As I worked this issue thru today, Erik produced lovely fluid work and I just sat and monitered for the most part.   What a feeling of partnership.   This issue needs further exploration.

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