Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Temperature dropped 30 degrees overnight, but the big news was the blustery winds which gusted from all directions.    This is my first experience with South Florida wind.   Perhaps it is the proximity to the water which creates these rather drastic changes.   Back in Michigan, the wind generally blows one direction but may veer thru a day or evening.    Blustery winds are seldom a problem.   In Casper, Wyoming where I taught clinics many years ago, the wind blew for days on end with no real change in speed.   No puffs, no stop and start, just blew - sort of like standing in front of a giant fan.    After several days it "got to me" and riding had to move indoors.    It was then that I understood why people in bye-gone times went crazy due to the wind on the prarie.   Can you imagine leaving family and friends and a well behind and walking/riding west to live in little more that a hut with water in a stream 1/2 mile away(if you were lucky)and then the wind blew day and night without end?   Amazing that few wives shot their husbands.    Wind affects us all now and thru time.

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